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EBONYLOCKS is Charise's debut as a children's writer. What began as a favorite bedtime story for her own four lovies, slowly blossomed into a story to be enjoyed by other children. She's currently working on more adventures of EBONYLOCKS. We can't wait to see what fun is next!


Charise has a master's degree in Writing from DePaul University, and an undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin. Also a screenwriter, filmmaker, and mixed-media artist, she has thoroughly enjoyed adding children's author to her collection of work. The best part: revisiting her favorite character, in the city of Chicago, where Charise raised her own children, and went on many family adventures all around town. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her son who is about to head off into the world, and Nella, her 3-pound Maltese writing companion.